I'm writing in review of an adventure vacation my wife Jenny and I took in March of 2018. We're both active and adventurous when it comes to vacation, not that leisure isn't welcome but we don't prefer it in excess. We were fortunate to have some good friends starting a new motorcycling tour company in the Yucatan. I'm an avid motorcyclist having ridden over 25 years both street and off road. Jenny loves to sit pillion, relinquishing control in lieu of sitting back taking in the sites and snapping photos as we go. When the opportunity presented itself to join Ko'oX Moto on one of their inaugural tours we jumped at the opportunity. Their communication surrounding the tour, the routes, the itinerary and so forth was very clear and easy to understand.

We were greeted at the Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport in Merida after an easy one layover flight from Columbus, Ohio and promptly taken our hotel in the heart of Merida. Our tour would begin the next day after we settled in and enjoyed our first of many incredible meals with our hosts. Rested up and ready for adventure Ko'oX picked us up and took us to their headquarters where the motorcycles could be dialed in to my preferences including seat type, mirrors and luggage most suitable for my riding style. It's worth noting the DR650's Ko'oX provides aren't basic showroom stock bikes, these are thoughtfully modified motorcycles with lots of upgrades such as lowered passenger pegs, controls and grips, brakes, tires all installed by a skilled mechanic. Once situated, we were off! Leaving the dense city landscape we headed south for parts unknown.

I don't want to spoil the tour with too many intricate details but it was day after day of adventure aboard those DR650's - with ride leaders Jesse and Candy willing to set a more spirited pace that I enjoy but with plenty of breaks for something as simple as a cold glass bottle of Cocacola at a roadside tienda to stops at humbling and mind blowing Mayan Ruins to various cenotes (surface connections to subterranean water bodies) where we could strip our gear off and take a dive into beautiful fresh water pools. Along the tour we also welcomed a three night stay at a most luxurious hotel where we would enjoy a rest day pool side and another where Jesse and I were able to enjoy a solo rip on those DR's - my wife doesn't enjoy wheelies as much as I do.

The culture and people of the Yucatan were most gracious. There was never a time where I felt I unsafe or that I was being targeted, even in the large city centers. The food is incredible, my wife especially liked the panuchos (handmade tortillas with a thin bean filling) used as taco shells and my favorite cochinita pibil - a traditional slow roasted pork dish native to the area. If libations are important, they are to me, the mezcal tells a story all it's own and the micheladas will leave you wondering why you're not there to stay.

I look forward to taking another tour with Ko'oX in the not too distant future and would recommend them to anyone with a healthy sense of adventure. If you're on the fence about a tour with Ko'oX, all I can tell you is what a favorite author once succinctly put... "Buy the ticket, take the ride."

Joey and Jenny, March 2018

- Joey Funtjar, Northern Yucatan Adventure Ride